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Be it that you’ve installed an application and forgot about its location or characteristics, or that you wish to find out if the latest Internet venture has left you with some “parasite” programs installed, finding out which are the culprits in such instances can be difficult. Luckily, Recently Created Executables Searcher will save you the trouble of having to manually seek the installed applications and detect them for you automatically, in a quick manner.
Single layout application that performs flawlessly “right-out of the box”
The best apps are those that work without any issues and, although this is rarely the case, Recently Created Executables Searcher impressed us with its prompt handling and readiness, right after initialization.
Thanks to its portable deployment, users will lose no time whatsoever with any configuration steps or other operations. All that one needs to do is select the preferred date and the application will quickly display all the identified executables that correspond to the chosen criteria.
Lack of more advanced selection options for the timeframe might deter more advanced users
As mentioned above, users will be able to select a preferred date for their executable search criteria. However, only a single date can be selected, meaning that users cannot isolate the search to a specific period in time, between two dates.
This means that all the installed executables after the selected date will be displayed, which is not ideal. This is not such a major drawback, but it might cause setbacks for those who are aiming their searches at more specific timeframes.
Easy-going solution for quickly finding out which applications have been recently installed on your system
This application addresses those who need a way of quickly figuring-out which executables have been installed to their systems, after a selected date in time.


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Recently Created Executables Searcher Crack + Full Product Key For PC

Launcher: If you’re feeling annoyed because the installation of the latest programs and mobile utilities comes in a package with an application, this launcher will save you from such a hassle.
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This application is a portable launcher for the PC, and includes an uninstaller, so it is not only for Windows users.


Note: This program can be freely downloaded from the link provided below. Please do not forget to send us your comments about the app, should you have the time.

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Uninstalled-when: This program allows users to identify which programs have been installed, but have later been uninstalled. In addition, the app also provides the user with the exact date upon which the application was removed from the PC.

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Recently Created Executables Searcher Patch With Serial Key X64 Latest

Key features:
– Easy to use
– Helps eliminate the hassle of manual identification and selection
– Rapidly displays all the unique installed applications
– Can be used on any system that has the required service
– Does not require additional software for the sake of proper functioning
– New entries are updated automatically on a regular basis, depending on the defined selection criteria
– Can be used as a portable application
Additional features:
– Can be used for free
– Available in three languages
– Supports English, French, German, Dutch, Portuguese, Czech, Hungarian, Romanian and Italian
– Version of the program can prevent some old records from being displayed
– Version of the program can store the most recent 100 records
– Version of the program can include new records if the specified path is not found
– Version of the program can print the identification of the applications that are being found
– Version of the program can take a screenshot of the information that is being displayed
– Version of the program can take a screenshot and store it for future reference
– Version of the program can display the applications’ total size
– Version of the program can display the products ID
– Version of the program can display the product name
– Version of the program can display the application’s size
– Version of the program can display the application’s icon
– Version of the program can include a new filter
– Version of the program can log the execution time of the search
– Version of the program can be used as a portable application
– Version of the program can store the last result ID
– Version of the program can save the last result ID
– Version of the program can store the last result name
– Version of the program can store the last result path
– Version of the program can store the last result size
– Version

Recently Created Executables Searcher

“Recently Created Executables Searcher is a tool to find all executable files on your disk that were created within a selected timeframe. It can be used in place of [C: \ Users \ YourUsername \ Appdata \ Roaming \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CreateDesktopShortcutFiles.bat ].
A significant benefit of this tool is its ease of use. Unlike some other software, it does not have a bloated user interface nor a large volume of different configurations” is a web tool designed to help you recover deleted files on your computer, no matter where they were saved on your PC. It does this by scanning through your PC to identify all deleted files that may have been recently deleted from your hard drive. When you click, you are taken to a page with a list of files that are linked to the websites that have uploaded them. All you need to do is click on the websites, and you will be directed back to the page where the files are listed. Your deleted files are all listed in the same categories and you can recover all of them with a single click. uses several different methods to help you recover deleted files that have been accidentally or deliberately deleted. In fact, is widely known to have “amazing” functionalities and performs with extreme ease.

This is the professional & specialized search engine optimization tool which is installed to the body part of your pc, as part of a complete pack. is a special search engine for Windows. Many of our users are using it to search for deleted files.
It recovers deleted files including Office documents like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access documents; JPG, BMP, GIF, TIFF, PNG, EMF, WMF, and more. is an easy to use search engine which will help you recover deleted files, even if they are saved in different parts of your PC including:
– C:\users\\AppData\Local\Temp\
– C:\Users\\Documents\
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– C:\Users\\Music\
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– C:\Users\\Videos\ does not require any registration and

What’s New In Recently Created Executables Searcher?

Recently Created Executables Searcher ( is a single layout application that performs flawlessly “right-out of the box”. With this small utility, users can extract a hefty amount of crucial information from their systems in a matter of seconds, after a preferred date in time.
Key Features:

* Automatic detection of executable files, based on their creation date, that have been installed on the system.* Sorting of the executable files, by creation date.* User-friendly interface.* The executable files can be sorted chronologically. This lets the user sort them by month, week or year.* Filter mechanism, which makes it easy to exclude non-crucial executables from the search results.* Explanation of the currently checked executable, upon clicking on it.* Ability to select a preferred date, by which the executable files should be displayed on the system.* Unique ability to exclude the currently checked executable from the search results.

Recently Created Executables Searcher is a portable application that can easily be transferred to other computer systems. The installation process is a cinch, as it involves nothing more than the extraction of its only content file from the archive, after which its installation directory will be created. This is also the only routine that should be performed in the light of its portable deployment.

To avoid any issues that might arise at the time of their use, it is highly recommended that users implement the most appropriate security mechanisms when dealing with software of this nature. These include, for example, the use of antivirus and security tools.

Those who have recently installed “executables searcher” version on their operating systems of WinXP, Win2000, Win98, WinMe, and Vista, can download this file from a link below.

Recently Created Executables Searcher Version (Recent created executables

Downloading executable searcher for Windows 32 bit / 64 bit

To download this executable searcher for your Windows OS, you will need to click the download button on the right side of the page.
The download file, which is a self-extracting executable, needs to be extracted by using a special executable extractor. We recommend using WinRAR as this executable extractor.

As Always, Please Note:

We are not responsible if the file was accidentally deleted

System Requirements For Recently Created Executables Searcher:

The Games OS: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1
Processor: 2.2 GHz, 2.4 GHz, or 3.2 GHz, Dual Core
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: Windows 7
Hard Disk: 40 GB available space
Set up time: 30 minutes
Additional Notes: Some of the scenes in the game might make your computer slow down or crash if you run it for a long time. Also, in some PC games the sound might be too low.Q:
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